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Use this page to discuss the proposed farm_boxes tag.


I think farm stand is what they are generally called in my area. Is there a more universal term for farm box|stand? --bdavis829 (talk)

Are you thinking of a roadside stand that sells produce. For those I think you could use shop=farm possibly in combination with opening_hours=*.

This image shows what a farm box (CSA share) looks like: SterlingGIS (talk) 20:42, 18 March 2014 (UTC)

Response to opposing vote concerns about tendency of pickup locations to change

This proposal received at least one opposing vote stating that the dropsite/pickup locations change too often. I would respond that they typically will stay the same for at least a year, and sometimes multiple years. If the map has people who care enough to add these features, it is assumed that they will care enough to keep them updated on at least an annual basis.

Some CSA locations are seasonal (only open for certain months of the year). The opening_hours=* tag could be used to provide more information.

The opposing vote also mentioned the idea of marking farms only. I would respond that this is not nearly as helpful. The motivation for mapping pickup/dropsite locations is so that people can make maps of where CSA shares are available for retrieval in their local neighborhoods. If just the farms were mapped, it would be difficult to determine if CSA is an option for you. In all likelihood, the farm is located some kilometers outside your city, while a pickup location might be right around the corner from your house, giving you the option to subscribe to a CSA.

That being said, the proposal is flexible enough to mark farms using the farm_boxes=source or farm_boxes=source_and_pickup values. SterlingGIS (talk) 16:35, 22 April 2014 (UTC)