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I would suggest that this proposal is too complex for lifeboats. The main division now used in the UK is ALB for All-weather Lifeboat and ILB for Inshore Lifeboat. It's the important distinction in terms of the operational ability of the lifeboat and is roughly paralleled in those other countries I've visited. The term 'Inshore' and 'Offshore' as suggested might be better and more international. Other than that, the information suggested is over and above what it would be possible to keep up to date and relevant. The best process if one has a specialist interest in this subject, certainly for the UK, is to establish that there is or isn't a boat and then refer across to the RNLI site, which is kept reasonably up to date. In fact, if the pager on my belt goes off, the site will indicate, with a one hour delay to avoid nuisance phone calls, that the boat is at sea.

I'm just trying to sort out the logic for the Cromer station, which has one of each type of lifeboat, hence my looking in. The main challenge at the moment is to get the look of the pier a bit more accurate and then I can mark the lifeboat house.

key:amenity or key:emergency ?

Given that we have emergency=*, which is used for emergency=ambulance_station, wouldn't it be better to put lifeboat_station under emergency=* too? -- Rjw62 22:07, 10 August 2010 (BST)

Suggestemergency=lifeboat_station for the lifeboat station, and if the lifeboat is located outdoors then also emergency=lifeboat. We shouldn't make it too diffecult, if we can add the operator (RNLI/ KNRM (netherlands) etc) then that's a bonus, and leave it at that. Purpose is that people can find things on the map, we shouldn't be making some sort of database about lifeboats. However locations of these should be on the map! --PaddlingPenguin, Location: Netherlands 17:49, 16 August 2013 (UTC)