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horse_riding for publicly accessible offers rather than all sorts of stables

In my opinion leisure=horse_riding marks stables where you can actually go and buy riding lessons, tours on horseback or rent horses. It is not appropriate for stables where you can only ride if you own one of the horses there or private stables.

This usage has been recommended on the German language page on horseback riding since 2009, so a documentation proposal should reflect the same.

For stables in general I'd rather use a straightforward amenity=stables

--Nop (talk) 19:05, 25 April 2013 (UTC)

Sounds sensible to clarify this. However I believe there are country differences that might miss a locally relevant point. From what I've read, in some countries horse riders normally own or rent the "whole horse", in others the majority of riders go on arranged lessons/tours on horses owned by the lesson/tour operator. At least here there are: (the relevant point is at the last entries)
  • small private stables, that is somebody has her own horses, and maybe the neighbours' horses. Only way to get there is to know the owner. (i.e. not leisure=horse_riding)
  • private rented stables; bigger stables, where horse owners rent a place for their horse; you can't go and buy lessons or rides, but if you know the horse owners (not the stable owner), they might "rent" their horse for a lesson, or forest trips. May or may not have manège, may or may not be "open" to outside. (i.e. not leisure=horse_riding)
  • riding schools (as we call them): most of the horses are owned by the "school" operator. Only if they have vacant space, they might rent out places for private horses, too, but it is rare that riders would own a horse. Usually you can not just go there and get a lesson; normally you pay for a full season, and get weekly lessons. Well, you can go, and watch, and maybe arrange for a lesson some other day. And in some places kids go there to groom the horses for free. They don't (normally) rent out their horses, so you can't do horse tours or other independent riding. If you book beforehand, they'll suggest a suitable class and a time when there's room for an extra rider, if you want to try their services before you book a full season. (Now is this leisure=horse_riding?)
  • leisure riding operators: usually you book beforehand, but they'll sell you one forest tour (or similar) at a time. Sometimes they have regular times when you can just come and get on a tour. Well, I know one such with Icelandic horses, where they trust their horses enough and have enough of them that they'll let just about anyone (who has ridden before) go on a tour by themselves, without booking. But they too might sell you a riding lesson on the outside arena. (definitively a leisure=horse_riding)
Alv (talk) 08:07, 26 April 2013 (UTC)
Exactly. The last two are leisure=horse_riding as the general public can go there and ride. The first two are not. As all of them look the same I'd use amenity=stables for all of them as a general main tag. If you have additional knowledge it can be added with leisure=horse_riding, tourism=trail_riding_station etc. --Nop (talk) 08:33, 27 April 2013 (UTC)