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For the moment, I tried to build up something logical, but large rivers with islands and multiple water limits would require a nested relation, which is complicated. Moreover, a river can have sections with multiple water limits, and other stable, managed sections (where multiple limits are irrelevant), which this proposal does not cover in its current state.

Maybe a single relation that focuses on water height regimes, whilst taking care of allowing the use of other schemes (complex riverbanks), but not interfering with it would be better. --Pshunter 23:36, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

Dry Lakes

Out here in Southern California, I've been mapping several dry desert lakes. These lakes are dry nearly all year, but sometimes flood, stay wet for a few days or weeks, then dry out again. This expansion of the natural=water tag works for this purpose, as I've set extent=flood and water=lake. However, I'd like to add to the proposed dry_surface values to accommodate surface types I see in this area: clay, salt

Agreed. First I thought to map such lakes with the flood contour like you do, plus a point feature near the center with bank=salt or clay. But this would be rather strange since the surface of the dry lake can hardly be considered as the bank of some virtual point.

Also, perhaps it would make sense to add another tag to indicate what state the surface is normally in: wet or dry.

I think it would be sufficient to use when=intermittent, which means that the water does not stay very long at that extent. Maybe a frequency (often,rare, etc.) can be added ?