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The problem of no fitting tagging scheme is not restricted to such areas for children education but also to areas where driving learner can practise car driving within a safe area (traffic training area; de: Verkehrsübungsplatz). It mght be helpful to fit these all in one taggng scheme. Some of the de:Verkehrübungsplatz are tagged as landuse=proving_ground, which I would not support although the landuse tag could be the best. So one suggestion could be landuse=traffic_training_area followed by a subtag traffic_training_area=traffic_education (de:Verkehrserziehung; es:educación_vial) apart from another subtag traffic_training_area=learner_driver. I would hope for better suggestions. Creando (20.05.2018)

A good point raised by Creando with differentiating between childrens playground and adults in vehicles. To be able to do both with the one tag, I'm thinking Amenity=traffic_education, this should then be used with the allowable access tags. ie Foot=Yes, Bicycle=Yes, Vehicle=No. There are many learn to ride centre's locally to me with some open to the public and others are private bookings for schools only. In such cases the access tag bicycle=private, foot=no, Vehicle=no could define this. ChopStir23 16.08.18
I think highway=training would suit. With the appropriate access tags it would be clear as to which vehicles could use the feature. There are presently no instances of this tag in taginfo. Warin61 (talk) 00:33, 26 December 2020 (UTC)