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In addition to these names there are offical names for each "road"/piece_of_track and referance Numbers for lines like GW200 that behave just like the ref for highways like A40 & B4465 etc.

as a lot of use is hoped from mixing OSM with opendata products from the Rail industry inclding live feeds I'd like to include these terms on all so designated lines. I made a start i different ways and with varing success. So after discussions on a another channal about US and UN Refs on highways and looking at previous successful approaches from my earlier work I've decided to work these into referance elements in OSM that collect all other refrances, ways and Nodes that decribe the routes.

To help introduce these and provide detailed infomation and what relates the following link covers several pdf based guides and an official upto to moment source for the Network rail system. Note preserved private and sideings need to be search for elsewhere but the bualk of the mainline is included that gives plenty to start on.


--Govanus (talk) 18:42, 17 March 2016 (UTC)