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Hi, I’m Manon part of the Missing Maps Project with CartONG After years working and supporting UNHCR in camp mapping at CartONG, our Missing Maps team is happy to announce that we managed to get approval from UNHCR to transfer some of those data into OSM. This is a first step, of we hope, a more extended approach. The UN Refugee Agency have requested the support of CartONG to import their site mapping data base into OSM in line with the data sharing dynamic that UNHCR wants to promote.
We proposed to have a first pilot with the camp of M’Bera in Mauritania UNHCR sitemapping where the UNHCR had recently a field mission to collect and update data. We would be very happy if could bring your constructive inputs about this, please have a look at wiki page dedicated for that, you will find the data transformation scheme we used. The details of the import are available on the wiki here and you can also check the Data model preparation here
We are looking forward for feedbacks from you. Please let us know if there are any comments, questions or concerns.