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This template provides a clicable icon flag with options to define the size, the link and the label. Its usage is especially recommended in articles with many icon flags.

This project is under development. The functionality is solid but you might miss certain flags. See Where is my flag?

Examples: w:ca:Estats membres de la Unió Europea - w:ca:Jocs Olímpics - w:ca:Futbol Club Barcelona - w:ca:Temporada 2011 de Fórmula 1 - w:ca:Torneig de Roland Garros 2009



The first parameter identifies the name of the territory represented by the flag. It is required and must be specified in the first position. It can accept three formats:
  • Full names in English and an optional local language: {{Flags|Andorra}} provides
  • 2 letter codes according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2: {{Flags|AD}} provides
  • 3 letter codes according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-3: {{Flags|AND}} provides
Optional parameter to define historic flags, militar or with other specific uses. It is possible to combine two types of variants:
  • Year: {{Flags|Andorra|1806}} or {{Flags|Andorra|variant=1806}} provides /
  • Type: {{Flags|Regne Unit|naval-RMAS}} provides
Optional parameter to modify the size of the flag. It accepts the usual parameters for maximum sizes of images, keeping the original aspect ratio of the flag:
  • {{Flags|Andorra|size=44px}} provides
Optional parameter to define a label including a link. When no specific text is defined then the label is the name of the flag:
Optional parameter to define a link. When no specific link is define then the link of the flag (and of the label, if any) is removed:
  • {{Flags|Basque Country|link=Basque Country (autonomous community)}} provides and {{Flags|Basque Country|link=|text=}} provides the Basque Country

Where is my flag?

When the template doesn't recognize the name of the flag then it returns 20x22px or

Possible reasons:

In these cases, the template makes a last attempt tryingto find "File:Flag of [name].svg" at Commons.

If you find 20x22px or please report the problem at Module talk:Flags and we will fix it.

You can also contribute adding names and flags to MasterData (and LocaleData in your non-English wiki), keeping the consistency with w:Category:Country data templates. It's easy and it doesn't require any technical knowledge.


This template is based on Wikipedia:Lua and is under development. Feedback and feature requests are welcome at Module talk:Flags.

The functionality is provided by Module:Flags.

Module:Flags/MasterData must be published as is in any other wiki, and any changes must be synced here.

LocaleData is specific to wikis of each language. Here we have only an example.