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Internation Womens Day 2016 Logo HOT Pledges To: Advocate for the participation of more women & girls in the OSM community.

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During the HOT/OSM lead up to International Women's Day 2016 we created this OSM wiki userbox to provide a small way to show your support for women and girls in the OSM community. While we created it as part of the 2016 event, we hope it will be in use and added to wiki users pages long after 2016.


Just click on "Edit Source" in the upper right area on your wiki userpage and add text like this:


If you already have a {{userboxtop}} and {{userboxbottom}} entry in your wiki user page, just put the {{Template:HOT/International_Womens_Day_2016}} line in between them somewhere.

You also can put your own custom pledge in directly by putting a "pipe" character | after the template name and then typing your pledge. The text "I pledge to..." will always appear before your custom text, so just complete that sentence, "I pledge to ..."

{{Template:HOT/International_Womens_Day_2016|Custom pledge text here}}

Please note that sometimes the updating of the userbox text on your wiki page can take about 5 minutes.

You can find lots more user boxes to add to your wiki user page at Wiki userboxes.