US MUTCD exclusionary signs to OSM access

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This has now been turned in to a Vespucci/JOSM preset

Sign Name MUTCD Ref Tags(s) Comment
MUTCD R5-2.svg no trucks R5-2 hgv=no
MUTCD R5-3.svg no motor vehicles R5-3 motor_vehicle=no
MUTCD R5-4.svg no commercial vehicles R5-4 hgv=no
MUTCD R5-5.svg no vehicles with lugs R5-5 ? obsolete, no OSM tagging
MUTCD R5-6.svg no bicycles R5-6 bicycle=no
MUTCD R5-7.svg no non-motorized traffic R5-7 access=no
MUTCD R5-8.svg no motor-driven cycles R5-8 moped=no should perhaps include mofa=no if such a class exists in the US
MUTCD R5-10a.svg no pedestrians bicycles motor-driven cycles R5-10a foot=no
MUTCD R5-10b.svg no pedestrians or bicycles R5-10b foot=no
MUTCD R5-10c.svg no pedestrians R5-10c foot=no
MUTCD R5-11.svg authorized vehicles only R5-11 vehicle=private