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Come join us for the second #editathon event of 2013, a weekend of mapping on April 20-21. All over the United States, starting at 12 noon Eastern going until 6PM Pacific each day and longer, we will be improving the US on OpenStreetMap. Join us at one of the locations below or virtually on our IRC channel #osm-us.

There is only one rule: when you save your changes to OpenStreetMap, add #editathon to your changeset comment, we’ll use that to create a visualization of our edits afterwards.


January Editathon in Portland, Oregon


Join us at one of the locations below or virtually on our IRC channel #osm-us on the irc.oftc.net network.

Need help hosting? Get in touch!

If you host an #editathon

If you run an #editathon, here is a list of items to consider to help the event runs smoothly:

  • Get in touch personally with the coordinator of the event, John Novak (john [at] openstreetmap [dot] us)
  • Maintain a check-in list with email addresses; enabling a follow up survey (we will send you one via email). Encourage attendees to complete the survey before they leave. (**)
  • Please take photos and send them me, after asking for permission from participants.
  • Identify advanced editors willing to assist newcomers; who will need help doing their first edits.
  • During the #editathon, we're hanging out on #osm-us on irc.oftc.net, join us also there. My handle is oldtopos. If needed, we can use Google+ Hangouts for video chat.
  • And most importantly: encourage people to tag any edits with #editathon - we will use this to create a visualization of all edits committed over the weekend day. Also on all other media (Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, name it) - our tag is #editathon.
  • The MapRoulette challenge for this event can be found at http://maproulette.org. Note that it requires participants to use JOSM (The new iD editor may be supported). Instructions for registering an OSM ID and installing and configuring JOSM are included below.

(**) Please keep the email addresses to yourself, do not send them on to us. Do not use the email addresses collected for anything else but the survey follow-up. If you'd like to use attendees addresses for anything else, please make sure attendees opt in explicitly.