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User Aspect
user:!i! installation

About person:
The user is a somewhat poweruser, experienced with OSM and GIS.

About scenario:
The user want's to install NAVIT on his laptop driven by Ubuntu 12.04 and use it with a bluetooth GPS receiver.


  • I open and get immediately redirected to the wiki mainpage
  • I pick the download icon and select Ubuntu
  • I use the offered PPA/GetDeb link to install the package

  • I start NAVIT through the menue
  • Navit detected first start and enters first start mode
    • detecting OS preferences automatically: Lang, units, timezone, display, keypad, mouse
    • wizard for manually entering details:
      • map source: I have no commercial material, so I prefer to use OSM and point to a empty folder on my HDD. The download manager offers countries and I confirm my preselected country Germany, as I have enough space (it displays 1,5GB). But hey I'm offline and so the DLM show a hint with a FTP link and where I have to put the file. I reestablish the WAN connection and tell the DLM to try it again. After 15mins I will have my fully detailed map (download now runs in background)
      • GPS: As my laptop has no internal GPS, it displays connecting via USB or bluetooth. I select bluetooth and a guide teachs me on how to pair Laptop and GPS mouse. It detects the BT ID of the GPS and teach me the PIN and how to pair using my preferred installed bluetooth manager. Even still at home, it displays me, that it has established an physical and a logical connection to the GPS, but of course it doesn't get an fix and so no valid position (which is ok here)
      • profiles: Usually I drive with bike, but there is a notebook not a good choice. So I enable only the pedestrian profile and because I drive car from time to time, I enable passenger car.
      • Privacy: I get asked if I will allow to upload and collect anonymous track data. I'm not sure, as I really care about my privacy, so I click on "further explanations". Now I know all about the technical anonymous procedure, the license of my contributed data and what it is used for. Now I allow to use my tracks for OSM and for traffic analyses.
      • themes: Yes, I like to customize my apps. I'm browsing the gallery and enter some terms to search for ("Star Trek", "Knight Rider", "Fast and Furious"). I decide to use instead a theme with a cool black metal skin that comes with an evil voice set.
      • Addons: Even if I don't miss anything till now, I take a look at the addons catalogue. I pick the "Volunteered Geographic Informations" category and have a look. I enable the "OpenStreetBugs reporter" and the "opencellid scanner". I browse another category called "social plugins" but don't install anything.
    • wizard is finished and I get congratulations, fanfare and a ready to use navigation system


Please keep in mind, that the user hadn't been asked about every details (left or right handed traffic, map styles, ...) as default installation should care about that alone.