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This bot changes general errors in OSM dataset is the planetfile. If the version changed from the latest planetfile, the bot will ask the api for the latest version of the element and update it's datasource. So the changes depends on very latest version of osm data.

User: BugBuster (edits)


Splitting long ways

Since the API is version 0.6 ways with more than 2000 nodes exists but could not be restored at this length. Else they could not be added as member of a relation if they wasn't before the API changed.

The changes were well discussed on #osm channel on the IRC.

There is currently a bug in the edits which is going to be solved till tomorrow (2009-09-28) 2009-09-30. It affects only some of the long ways which was part of a relation before the API changed.

Fixing doubled nodes in ways

This does not break any closed ways (only on broken imports it might look like), it's only deleting doubled nodes (same Node-ID in the given way) in a way not if the first and the last node is the same. For example, in way 42079266 the reference to node 522678908 used to appear twice in the way. This bot does not merge two Node-IDs.

Dataset is the planetfile.

Since today every affected way got a own changeset, this behaviour is going to be changed before next edits are done.

The bot creates changesets containing up to 1000 ways or 45000 nodes, whichever limit is reached first (normally ways). Changesets are normally bounding nearly the whole world because we move from the lowest to the highest ID without localisation-sorting.