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As a result of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, and after verifying that currently there are in OSM only about 1260 of the nearly 2400 pharmacies in Valencian Community, we started this project to import and complete the data availabe from the official data offered by the regional government in its open government web. You can see more in Ca:Import_Generalitat_Valenciana (in catalan).

Import Data


We have an express authorization from the Generalitat Valenciana for the reuse of open data published on its open Government website (pendent).

Data description

We'll extract the data from here, filtering the pharmacies.

Import type

The import will be done manually, using the Tasks Manager, so it can be assigned to different volunteers. JOSM will be used to edit the data.

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

Here are the original fields, their meaning and how they will be converted to the resulting OSM file: