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Cartograph screen.png
License: Proprietary (5.99€;free)
Platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Windows Phone
Version: 2.6.6 (2020-03-02)
Languages: English and German

Cartograph is a multi-platform map viewer and track recorder viewing Mapsforge, raster, and online maps.

The Cartograph Maps app is a map viewing and track recording app available for many mobile and desktop platforms. The app supports the popular Mapsforge map format on all platforms. Other features include 3D map snapshots based on SRTM data, offline overlays, custom live tracking and polling. There is also a lite version that can be installed for free.


  • View offline mapsforge vector maps (for instance from OpenAndroMaps) on all platforms.
  • Support for the latest Mapsforge render themes.
  • Support for Mapsforge multi-maps which combine multiple maps into one map (e.g. useful on country boundaries).
  • View offline raster maps (SQLite, RMap, MBTiles).
  • View online tile maps (slippy format), and WMS maps.
  • A second map layer allows to display a second map (e.g. semi-transparent), overlays, or hillshading.
  • Support for offline overlays (e.g. points of interest).
  • Experimental support for offline hill shading.
  • 3D map snapshots using SRTM elevation data.
  • Background GPS tracking.
  • Support for GPS (USB, Bluetooth) mice on Windows and MacOS.
  • Support for HTTP based location input.
  • Basic track drawing and editing.
  • Text, photo, and audio waypoints.
  • Online route calculation.
  • Address search based on nominatim.
  • "What is here?" function.
  • Live tracking function to share your location via GPSies or a custom web server.
  • Live polling to poll the location of other users via a custom web server.
  • GPX and KML import and export.
  • Basic trip computer.