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Web feature service (WFS) is an Open Geospatial Consortium standard for serving vector data over HTTP.

WFS-T is a bidirectional extension to this service, making it possible to modify objects on the client side and record them with the server. For example, the following Open Source servers are supporting this protocol.

  • deegree (EU INSPIRE portal will be based on this)
  • GeoServer (very popular)
  • Mapserver (read only, no WFS-T)
  • TinyOWS (new challenger)

There's currently no WFS service containing worldwide OSM data available. However :

  • OSM-GB was a project which provided a layered WFS service for the Great Britain window based on its processed dataset (as well as WMS). The proect finished in 2012.
  • Demo service at may also be available (data only from Finland).
  • magOSM platform provides free thematic datasets updated daily over metropolitan France (as well as WMS)