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This is a slightly shortened translation of the German page.

Since October 2010 the imagery WMS covering all Austria is available. Since July 2011 there is also a free service with high-resolution orthophotos for non-commercial use.

By mid October 2011 the low-resolution service is no longer available.

Quote from

This service provides support from the Austrian federal governments for administration, private, research, education and other non-commercial users. It is also meant as a stimulus for Open Data communities such as for the generation and optimization of free geo data.


The Terms for the high- and low-resolution are slightly different. For the high resolution images personal registration is required.

Both are formulated in a way that the images can be used for OpenStreetMap both under the current license and under the upcoming ODbL.

Registration for the high-resolution service

  1. Create a new account under, you must provide your name and email address.
  2. You'll receive a password by email. Now you can log in with the specified e-mail address and password at the above address.
  3. The first time you will be prompted to change your password and then enter some basic data. Here you only need to select "Open Data community" from the first dropdown and "Erzeugung von Open Data Folgeproduken" (generation of open data secondary products), accept the terms and conditions below and save the changes ("Speichern").
  4. Now you can get your key, which you will need later. Click on "Service Verwaltung", leave all fields blank and copy the address marked with the red arrow.
There is a common key for OSM-editor programs, so you may not need to register.


Since these are professional aerial photos of the federal governments, you can assume that the aerial images are precisely at the exact location.

Usage in editors

It has been suggested to always use "" (Taginfo) as source tag. With the use of high-definition service this information is mandatory according to the terms of use.


It is recommended that you use the latest version (v0.17 or later).

The required settings under Tools / WMS-editor are:

  • Name e.g. "A-GeoImage"
  • Server:
    • For the low-resolution service use (don't forgot the question mark at the end!)
    • For the high-resolution service use the address that you received during registration, ( =...&)
  • (only in releases before 0.17) click "get server capabilities"
  • Select all levels of "Luftbild" (areal image) and "Satellitenbild_30m"
  • Projection: "EPSG: 3857"
  • For image type select "image/jpg" or "image/png" (I haven't noticed a difference, even for 24bit)
  • Click the "Add" button (for subsequent changes do not forget to click the "Apply" button)
  • Close the dialog with OK
  • In the layers dock right-click "Map"
  • From WMS-adapter select A-GeoImage
  • Eventually you may need to turn on the visibility of the layer (an eye must be visible in the checkbox)
  • Wait a little bit for the light bulb moment ;-)

Depending on the software version the following should be done:

release 0.17.0 and later:

  • In the layers dock right-click "Map"
  • Checkmark the option "set projection to the map layer's".
  • Since the GeoImage WMS is sometimes a bit slow, it is advisable to increase the network timeout in the program settings network tab to about 30 seconds.

Earlier releases

  • Click the View menu, 'Set projection' and select 'Mercator'.
  • If the image is not loaded when you move the background, it often helps to select the GeoImage WMS again.

BTW, Merkaartor is available at for Windows, Linux and Mac.


Installation / preparation

High-resolution version

Edit menu > Settings > WMS / TMS tab:

  • Click on " (HighRes)" and press the "Enable" button between the two lists). The template in the list, uses a general key provided for OSM editors, and therefore requires no registration. However, the accesses with this key are limited, so it mght not work every time.
  • Add configuration manually:
    • Click "+" icon right below ("create new WMS / TMS level by specifying a URL")
    • Menu Name = MR (optional, free text)
    • Image Service URL: (Copy the complete URL into the box as it is, including the trailing "&")
Non-high-resolution version

Edit menu > Settings > WMS / TMS tab:

  • Choose the line with "" in the list below
  • Click on "add selected default values"

Potlatch 1 & 2 images are currently available only as WMS, while Potlatch (both versions) can only access Tiled Services. Proxy servers (eg Whoot service) may not be used because cascading is not permitted. Therefore Sven Geggus has implemented a method to make the access possible for Potlatch:

He runs a Tile URL to WMS URL converter service on Now one can easily access the images using the following URLs ("<key>" stands for your personal key that you obtained as described above). The examples used here show Kufstein ...:

  • Potlatch2:<key>/!/!/!.jpg
  • Potlatch1:<key>/!/!/!.jpg