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Reporting errors back to AGIV is best done via LARA (Loket voor Authentieke Registratie).

To start, you need to make an account on Through this account, you'll be able to follow the reports you made, and you'll also be notified when changes get applied to the CRAB database.

After confirming your account, go to or to open LARA. You should be able to see a map of Flanders.

Click on "Meldingen", in the upper, linker corner, to view the notifications window. In the window, you can view your own notifications, and you can also query all notifications per municipality to avoid double notifications (under the "externe meldingen" tab).

Loket voor Authentieke Registratie 1.png

When you checked the notifications in your municipality, and you're sure it hasn't been reported yet, you can zoom in the problem area. When you're zoomed in enough to see the problem, you can click on "Melding indienen". Choose for the correct category, and then it's the most simple to press on the "Selecteren" button, and to point the problem with your mouse. After that, you can give in your personal message (please be as clear as possible) and send the message.

Which errors should you report?

  • The municipality maintains the data in CRAB, it also maintains the streetname signs, and it decides which name is the official name. However, mistakes can still happen. If you see bad mistakes (worse than just abbreviations), you can notify them of the mistake through LARA.
  • There are housenumbers not present in CRAB: this should certainly be reported
  • There are housenumbers in CRAB that don't exist in reality. This sometimes happens that a parcel without building gets an address, or that old addresses aren't deleted when multiple buildings are merged. This isn't always a problem for CRAB. If you don't want the housenumber to be rendered, you can use the addr:official_housenumber tag (it's in the official housenumber DB, but not visible on the street).
  • Recent modifications: housenumbers in CRAB are bound to measured building outlines. So as long as construction isn't finished, the building can't be measured, and the municipalities aren't obligated to update CRAB yet. So please wait a while until the construction is completely finished, and the result is visible in the aerial images, before making a report.
  • Mistakes that are worse than the above must always be reported