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In questa pagina si coordina la candidatura di Roma ad ospitare la conferenza The State Of The Map del 2008.


We (Italian OSMers and are planing to have 3-4 preparatory conference in Rome to develope a user base in Rome to have a decent map of the city before the event. We will have a talk about OSM during the GRASS-GFOSS conference in Perugia the next February.
Whe hope to raise the contributors to 100+.
We would like to have OSM presentation during the future Italian Wikimedia Foundation events.


Linux Club Italia hosted in the last september the third Assembly of Wikimedia Italia. I was not there but i know the conference was successfully.


Rome is well connected to the world. All the main European destination are connected by low fares airlines. I tried to check the prices in the weekend from 20th to 24h of March. I supose early reservation should be cheaper.

City Airline Return fare (20-24 march 2008)
London EasyJet (Gatwick-Ciampino) £ 123.98
Ryanair (Stanted-Ciampino) £ 158.64
Glasgow Ryanair (Prestwick -Ciampino) GBP 81.08
Paris EasyJet (Orly-Ciampino) € 112.98
Ryanair (Beauvais-Ciampino) € 112.76
Madrid EasyJet (Madrid-Ciampino) € 124.98
Ryanair (Madrid-Ciampino) € 66.66
Barcellona Ryanair (Girona-Ciampino) € 156.66
Santiago de Compostela (21-24) Ryanair (Santiago-Ciampino) € 86.66
Frankfurt Ryanair (Hahn-Ciampino) € 114.73
Eindhoven Ryanair (Hahn-Ciampino) € 117.44
Bruxelles Ryanair (S. Charleroi-Ciampino) € 93.03
Athens Alitalia (Venizelos-Fiumicino) € 189.39
Berlin EasyJet (Shoenfeld-Ciamino) € 87.98
AirBerlin (Tegel-Fiumicino) € 144.00
Dortmund EasyJet (Dortmund-Ciamino) € 109.98
Vienna AirBerlin (Vienna-Fiumicino) € 124.00
Riga Czech Airlines (Riga-Fiumicino) € 181.96
Stockholm Ryanair (S. Skavstai-Ciampino) SEK 1,509.00
New York (19-24) Iberia (JFK-Madrid-Fiumicino) € 484.90
Los Angeles (19-24) US Airways (LA-Fiumicino) € 676.31
Toronto (19-24) Delta (Pearson-Fiumicino) € 655.19
Tokyo (19-24) Aeroflot (Narita-Fiumicino) € 746.18
Johannesburg (19-24) South African Airways (Johannesburg-Fiumicino) R8,308.00

Connection from airport to the city center

Way Airport - City center City center - Airport
LEONARDO EXPRESS (Fiumicino - Termini Railroad Station) from 6:37AM to 11:37PM each 30 minutes from 5:52AM to 22:52PM each 30 minutes
AUTOBUS SITBUSSHUTTLE (Ciampino - Termini Railroad Station) from 8:30AM to 00:30AM from 4:30AM to 11:15PM


As one of the main european turistical city, Rome has many hotels, B&B and hostels. We will list some opportunity near the convention center. We could contact the main hotels to reach an agreement about cheaper fares.


Name Beds/Rooms Single Double Connectivity
Foro Italico "A. F. Pessina"
06 3236267,
334 beds € 18,00    


Name Rooms Single Double Internet
BBRomanSky   € 40-48 € 75-85 Wi-fi


Rome is a multicultural city and is possible to arrange any kind of eating necessity: we have many Kosher and Halal restaurants, Vega/vegetarian too...

People Involved