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eThekwini(Durban) data import

Ryan has split roads.shp into separate files for every major suburb using the PU_CLUSTER field. Should you be interested in helping with the import, Please run through the checklist below on how to get started.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Yahoo satellite imagery is NOT accurate in the eThekwini region.
If the roads appear to be misaligned when you editing the data, DO NOT adjust the roads to match the satellite images. :)

Getting Involved

  • First thing to do is check the #Suburb List below to see which suburbs still needs to be imported. IE: The suburb is still unassigned and its status reads pending.
  • Try to pick a suburb that you are familiar with already, although if you can't find one, there is always the Yahoo Satellite imagery for you to fall back on to gain a better understanding of the roads while you editing*.
  • Edit the #Suburb List settting the status column for the area you have chosen to in progress and putting your name in place of unassigned in the Member column.
  • Download the relevant file, apply the necessary fixes, merge new data with existing data(Generally speaking, rather delete the existing data and replace the the new data when conflicts occur, and if you unsure, ask!)
  • The ways for every road are currently split at every intersection. Connecting ways with the same road name should be combined into a single way where ever possible.

Suburb List

This list is provided to keep track of the who is working on what. Having more than one person working on an area is while doing the import is just a waste of resources. If you working on the import, Please ensure that you update this list whenever you finish an area or decide to start working on a new one. Also please try not to "book" too many areas in your name at once, I think at the very most 2 or 3 neighboring suburbs is more than enough to keep one editor going at any one time.

Suburb Name Import Status Member Importing Data Download Link
Adams COMPLETED Ryan Adams.osm.7z
Airport-sapref pending unassigned Airport-sapref.osm
Berea North COMPLETED Ryan Berea_North.osm
Berea South COMPLETED Ryan Berea_South.osm
Bluff COMPLETED Paul Bluff.osm
Buffelsdraai COMPLETED Paul Buffelsdraai.osm
Canelands COMPLETED Paul Canelands.osm
Cato Manor pending unassigned Cato_Manor.osm
Chatsworth COMPLETED Ryan Chatsworth.osm.7z
Chesterville COMPLETED Ryan Chesterville.osm
Clermont COMPLETED Ryan Clermont.osm
Drummond COMPLETED Paul Drummond.osm
Duikerfontein COMPLETED Paul Duikerfontein.osm
Durban Cbd E COMPLETED Ryan Durban_Cbd_E.osm
Durban Cbd N COMPLETED Ryan Durban_Cbd_N.osm
Durban Cbd W COMPLETED Ryan Durban_Cbd_W.osm
Durban North COMPLETED Paul Durban_North.osm
Emona-buffels COMPLETED Paul Emona-buffels.osm
Folweni COMPLETED Paul Folweni.osm
Fredville Complex COMPLETED Paul Fredville_Complex.osm
Greylands COMPLETED Paul Greylands.osm
Hambanathi-wewe COMPLETED Paul Hambanathi-wewe.osm
Hammarsdale COMPLETED Paul Hammarsdale.osm
Harbour COMPLETED (southern) Paul Harbour.osm
Harrison COMPLETED Paul Harrison.osm
Hawaan COMPLETED Ryan Hawaan.osm
Hazelmere COMPLETED Paul Hazelmere.osm
Illovo COMPLETED Paul Illovo.osm
Inanda Farm COMPLETED Paul Inanda_Farm.osm
Inanda COMPLETED Ryan Inanda.osm.7z
Inchanga COMPLETED Paul Inchanga.osm
Industrial COMPLETED Paul Industrial.osm
Ingqungqulu Thembu Ta COMPLETED Paul Ingqungqulu_Thembu_Ta.osm
Isimahla Ta COMPLETED Paul Isimahla_Ta.osm
Kwadabeka COMPLETED Ryan Kwadabeka.osm
Kwa Khabazela COMPLETED Paul Kwa_Khabazela.osm
Kwamakhuta Complex COMPLETED Paul Kwamakhuta_Complex.osm
Kwamashu COMPLETED Ryan Kwamashu.osm
Kwandengezi Complex COMPLETED Paul Kwandengezi_Complex.osm
Lamontville COMPLETED Paul Lamontville.osm
Langefontein COMPLETED Paul Langefontein.osm
Melkhoute COMPLETED Ryan Melkhoute.osm
Merebank COMPLETED Paul Merebank.osm
Mgezanyoni COMPLETED Paul Mgezanyoni.osm
Monteseel COMPLETED Paul Monteseel.osm
Montlands COMPLETED Paul Montlands.osm
Mophela COMPLETED Paul Mophela.osm
Mount Edgecombe 2 COMPLETED Ryan Mount_Edgecombe_2.osm
Mount Moreland COMPLETED Paul Mount_Moreland.osm
Mpumalanga Complex COMPLETED Paul Mpumalanga_Complex.osm
New Germany COMPLETED Ryan New_Germany.osm
Newlands East COMPLETED Ryan Newlands_East.osm
Newlands West COMPLETED Ryan Newlands_West.osm
Ngcolosi Ta COMPLETED Paul Ngcolosi_Ta.osm
Ntuzuma pending unassigned Ntuzuma.osm
Nyuswa Ta COMPLETED Paul Nyuswa_Ta.osm.7z
Old Line Suburbs COMPLETED Ryan Old_Line_Suburbs.osm
Osindisweni COMPLETED Ryan Osindisweni.osm
Ottawa COMPLETED Paul Ottawa.osm
Parlock-hippo COMPLETED Ryan Parlock-hippo.osm
Phepheta Ta COMPLETED Paul Phepheta_Ta.osm
Phoenix Ind COMPLETED Ryan Phoenix_Ind.osm
Phoenix COMPLETED Ryan Phoenix.osm.7z
Pinetown COMPLETED Ryan Pinetown.osm
Pinetown South E COMPLETED Ryan Pinetown_South_E.osm
Pinetown South W COMPLETED Ryan Pinetown_South_W.osm.7z
Qadi Ta1 COMPLETED Ryan Qadi_Ta1.osm
Qadi Ta 2 COMPLETED Ryan Qadi_Ta_2.osm
Qadi Ta COMPLETED Ryan Qadi_Ta.osm.7z
Queensburgh COMPLETED Ryan Queensburgh.osm
Redcliffe COMPLETED Paul Redcliffe.osm
Reservoir Hills COMPLETED Ryan Reservoir_Hills.osm
Shallcross COMPLETED Ryan Shallcross.osm
Shangase Ta COMPLETED Paul Shangase_Ta.osm
Sobonakhona-makhanya Ta COMPLETED Paul Sobonakhona-makhanya_Ta.osm.7z
Southern Suburbs N COMPLETED Paul Southern_Suburbs_N.osm
Southern Suburbs S COMPLETED Paul Southern_Suburbs_S.osm
Springfield Flats COMPLETED Ryan Springfield_Flats.osm
Sugarcane 1 COMPLETED Paul Sugarcane_1.osm
Sugarcane 2 COMPLETED Ryan Sugarcane_2.osm.7z
Tongaat Beach COMPLETED Paul Tongaat_Beach.osm
Tongaat COMPLETED Paul Tongaat.osm
Toyane Ta COMPLETED Paul Toyane_Ta.osm
Umbogintwini COMPLETED Paul Umbogintwini.osm
Umdloti COMPLETED Ryan Umdloti.osm
Umgeni South in progress Ryan Umgeni_South.osm
Umhlanga COMPLETED Ryan Umhlanga.osm
Umkomaas COMPLETED Ryan Umkomaas.osm
Umlazi COMPLETED Paul Umlazi.osm.7z
Umnini Trust Ta COMPLETED Ryan Umnini_Trust_Ta.osm.7z
Verulam COMPLETED Ryan Verulam.osm
Vumangazi Ta COMPLETED Paul Vumangazi_Ta.osm
Western Farmlands E COMPLETED Paul Western_Farmlands_E.osm
Western Farmlands W COMPLETED Paul Western_Farmlands_W.osm
Western Suburbs E in progress Ryan Western_Suburbs_E.osm
Western Suburbs W COMPLETED Ryan Western_Suburbs_W.osm
Westville COMPLETED Ryan Westville.osm
Ximba Ta COMPLETED Ryan Ximba_Ta.osm.7z
Yellowwood Park COMPLETED Ryan Yellowwood_Park.osm

Roads file Conversion Table

Field Values Description Implemented?
ROAD_TYPE FWY highway=motorway
ONRM Any onramp highway=motorway_link
OFRM Any offramp highway=motorway_link
HWY highway=motorway (?)
RTE Route? highway=motorway
TRK highway=track
STR highway=unclassified ??
RD highway=unclassified ??
PL highway=unclassified ??
AVE highway=unclassified ??
DR highway=unclassified ??
LANE highway=unclassified ??
CLS highway=unclassified ??
CRES highway=unclassified ??
GR highway=unclassified ??
(null) highway=unclassified ??
WAY highway=unclassified ??
WALK highway=unclassified ??
CRL highway=unclassified ??
GDNS highway=unclassified ??
TER highway=unclassified ??
SQ highway=unclassified ??
CRT highway=unclassified ??
BLVD highway=unclassified ??
RAMP highway=unclassified ??
HILL highway=unclassified ??
END highway=unclassified ??
ROW highway=unclassified ??
RISE highway=unclassified ??
RDGE highway=unclassified ??
LINK highway=unclassified ??
ARCD highway=unclassified ??
STRS highway=unclassified ??
PSG highway=unclassified ??
WEG highway=unclassified ??
KNLL highway=unclassified ??
PRDE highway=unclassified ??
PLZ highway=unclassified ??
WHRF highway=unclassified ??
VALE highway=unclassified ??
MEWS highway=unclassified ??
JNCT highway=unclassified ??
GLY highway=unclassified ??
GLN highway=unclassified ??
GLD highway=unclassified ??
FORK highway=unclassified ??
CHS highway=unclassified ??
WOOD highway=unclassified ??
VSTA highway=unclassified ??
VLY highway=unclassified ??
TURN highway=unclassified ??
TRL highway=unclassified ??
TMNL highway=unclassified ??
STPS highway=unclassified ??
SNGL highway=unclassified ??
RCWY highway=unclassified ??
RCH highway=unclassified ??
PATH highway=unclassified ??
MILE highway=unclassified ??
MALL highway=service ??
LOOP highway=unclassified ??
LADR highway=unclassified ??
HVN highway=unclassified ??
CUT highway=unclassified ??
CPLX highway=unclassified ??
CNTR highway=unclassified ??
ARCH highway=unclassified ??
ALY highway=service ??
) highway=unclassified ??