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The date for US SOTM in Washington, DC would be June or July of 2010.


DC has several options for location at one of the local universities that is suitable for a conference of approximately 100-150 people with standard conference facilities including Wifi, conference rooms, presentation rooms, etc. Universities available for possible use include George Washington Univerity, George Mason University and University of Maryland.

How to Get There

  • Washington is serviced by three airports: BWI, National and Dulles
  • Trains in and out of the city are available through Amtrak and MARC
  • Many bus companies service Washington, DC including several luxury buses from New York City.
  • DC is services by several major highways


Washington, DC supports every level of accommodations, from hostels to luxury hotels. Accommodations may also be available from the university.


The DC venues are all college campuses. The George Mason and University of Maryland Campuses are accessible by Metro using a free shuttle. George Washington University is located interspersed with the city in the Foggy Bottom area of DC.

Potential Audience

The potential audience for SOTM hosted in Washington, DC is varied. DC attendees many government entities, and people within those organizations have interest in open data. DC also has many NGOs and other non-profits who might be interested in using OSM data in their operations. The DC area also has a large, active technology community from which to draw potential attendees.

Local Support

DC has an active mapping community which is committed to running the conference, should DC win the bid. Some of the local DC community members are also part of the US Chapter Working Group, as well as the US SOTM Organizing Committe.


Due to the donated university space, we expect the cost per attendee for the conference to be negligible. We will charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of amenities (wifi, snacks, etc.), but these costs should be low and thus the base cost of hosting the conference in DC should also remain low.