Wood County, Texas/County Routes

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Make sure all relations are tagged with network=US:TX:Wood, name="Wood County Road xxxx", and ref=xxxx, and that all ways that make up the route are tagged with name="County Road xxxx" and ref="CR xxxx".

Note: The above paragraph is pending discussion on Talk:Texas, specifically network=US:TX:Wood although for now, continue with the above tagging scheme and make a note of it when you add it to one of the lists below.


Number Relation Progress and Notes
2680 relation 7564193 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
2692 relation 7564192 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
2696 relation 7564191 Complete (US:TX:Wood)


Number Relation Progress and Notes
2724 relation 7567463 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
2768 relation 7567464 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
2770 relation 7567465 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
2771 relation 7567466 Complete (US:TX:Wood)


Number Relation Progress and Notes
3269 relation 7448459 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3270 relation 7344096 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3275 relation 7344099 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3281 relation 7451080 Complete (US:TX:Wood)


Number Relation Progress and Notes
3440 relation 7403892 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3448 relation 7564238 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3450 relation 7564237 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3459 relation 7403893 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3460 relation 7564236 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3469 relation 7564234 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3470 relation 7564233 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3473 relation 7403891 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3475 relation 7564235 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3476 relation 7564232 Complete (US:TX:Wood)


Number Relation Progress and Notes
3540 relation 7239009 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3542 relation 7341215 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3550 relation 7186335 Complete (US:TX:Wood)


Number Relation Progress and Notes
3802 relation 7242133 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3819 relation 7242135 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3859 relation 7564191 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3860 relation 7564189 Complete (US:TX:Wood)


Number Relation Progress and Notes
3900 relation 7242134 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3909 relation 7206477 Possibly complete, unless it loops around Brooks Lake; needs survey (US:TX:Wood)
3920 relation 7240646 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3940 relation 7240645 Complete (US:TX:Wood)
3950 relation 7240731 Complete (US:TX:Wood)

PR xxxx

Note: We haven't determined what PR stands for on many county road signs, whether it's 'Private Road', 'Public Road', or maybe something else, nor have we determined whether or not they count as "County Roads". Currently, tag them with name="Wood PR xxxx", and add them to this section.

Number Relation or Way Progress and Notes
PR 7538 way 489002634 Complete?
PR 7869 way 493177478 Incomplete, waiting on above determination; divided road
PR 7922 relation 7531494 Complete, pre-clarification