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Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines
latitude: 13.7559, longitude: 121.0597
Browse map of Batangas City 13°45′21″ N, 121°03′35″ E
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Batangas City is a city in Batangas, Philippines at latitude 13°45′21″ North, longitude 121°03′35″ East.

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Why to map this area

  • The city's downtown ("Poblacion") is an important commercial center, and the city is also an important port, reflecting its commercial importance.
  • The city has an interesting transportation system, like the color-coded jeepney services around the city and its suburbs and surrounding areas. The jeepney routes are divided into 5 groups, Batangas-Poblacion (BP), Batangas-North (BN), Batangas-South (BS), Batangas-East (BE), and Batangas-West (BW).


Mapping status of Batangas City is divided by barangay, except for the barangays in Poblacion, which is collectively referred to as Poblacion. Rural areas are of mostly low priority, but mapping is mostly concentrated woodland and residential areas

Batangas City mapping areas.png

The poblacion area (with numbered barangays) still needs improvement. Also, the outskirts also needs more additions.

Progress in Poblacion by numbered barangay

Barangay number Status Remarks
1 Newly mapped, but still needs more additions
2 Barangay not yet mapped
4 Boundary added
5 Many buildings still missing
6 Boundary added
7 Boundary added
8 Boundary added
9 Boundary and barangay hall added.
10 Boundary added
11 Boundary and barangay hall added
13 Barangay newly mapped
15 Barangay and boundary mapped.
16 Almost complete along P. Burgos and Rizal Avenue. Some buildings still missing.
17 Government offices are mostly complete, with some clean-up on the name of the city hall. Boundary added. Some places still missing, especially along Rizal Avenue. Addresses still needed to be added on many places
18 Many buildings and places still missing.
19 Barangay hall added. Most buildings missing. Boundary added. Names of main streets needs to be changed or modified. Several roads are unnamed.
20 Boundary added
21 Newly added. Needs more buildings
22 Boundary added. POI's and buildings nearly complete.

Other barangays

Barangay/area Status Remarks
Alangilan Car (3/4) Labelled (3/4) Wheelchair (0/4) Transport (3/4) Public (1/4) Fuel (1/4) Restaurant (2/4) Routing (1/4)  Road network mostly complete. Boundary relation added. Needs more land use, buildings, and POI's.
Balagtas Car (2/4) Labelled (1/4) Transport (1/4) Public (1/4) Fuel (2/4) Restaurant (1/4) Routing (2/4)  Few places added. Road network mostly complete. Needs more land use, buildings, and POI's. Needs boundary relation.


The current city boundary is lately mapped as this relation:Relation 6185647 (XML, iD, JOSM, Potlatch2, history, analyze, manage, gpx)


The Poblacion (city proper or downtown), divided into smaller numbered barangays, is mapped as this boundary:Relation 6309134 (XML, iD, JOSM, Potlatch2, history, analyze, manage, gpx)

Barangay boundaries

Current barangay boundaries being mapped.

Poblacion barangays

The barangays forming the Poblacion (see boundary above), are mapped as these relations:

Sitio boundaries

Current sitios with boundaries mapped are as follows:




Priority tasks

  • Places and buildings (includes houses, commercial buildings, etc.)
  • Street names and roads
  • Transport network
  • Administrative boundaries (city, barangay, sitio)
  • Electric power infrastructure (primarily owned by Meralco and NGCP) , especially sub-transmission and distribution lines, poles, and distribution transformers.
  • Woodland areas and residential areas