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Community Update from 28 March 2011 to 03 April 2011 (week 2011-13)

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Image Of the Week 2011-13

EH12QL driving 800.png

Example of mySociety's travel maps, showing start-locations from which one type of transport beats another (in this case, public-transport vs car)

Project Of The Week : Food Month

April is food month. We'll be tagging various portions of the food supply system in and around our homes. We'll look at marketplaces for the full month; venues for many vendors. Through the month we'll look at individual vendors of various foods. As always, Project of the Week and Project of the Month exist only to encourage your mapping. You don't need to wait for a project to add a cheese shop to the map!

Marche berlin002.jpg

Quick News



Other News

Areas? Is there a problem?

Some users are not very happy about the current usage of areas in OSM. They've tried to sum up all those little things that can't be done or that are wrong with areas and try to launch differents solutions.

They are thinking, among other things, about areas on nodes and/or on ways, ...


Draft Bicycle Shop

Many mappers use a bike... thus there are many bike features on OSM. This proposal adds some tags to better describe bicycle shops, e.g. availability of a pump or a repair service.

Please add your comments on the talk page


RFC: Water details

You probably already know and use the tag natural=water. This new proposal wants to add some information about the type of water. So it basically adds water=* to the previous tag with distinct values like lake, pond, ...

Please add your comments on the talk page


RFC: Directional Flow

After asking for different possibilities of tagging flow direction, a user has created another proposal. The new tag directional=yes/no/tidal/-1 looks like the oneway=* tag but with better support of waterways.

Please add your comments on the talk page

More More

Voting on Public Transport

This proposal covers a complete view on the public transport and extends the existing and well known tags with more exact and clearly defined new tags. Most of the proposed tags are already widely used. With some differences between the cities described in several wiki pages, the new tags are a de facto standard in several cities in Central Europe.

Please add your vote on the page



Big thanks to AndiPersti, Stephan75, Harry Wood and !i! !