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Available languages — Keep Right
Screenshot of Keep Right showing errors in Vienna

Keep Right ( is a Quality Assurance tool. It shows automatically detected errors on map or in list form. Keep Right is now available for whole of the planet, and can be used in many languages! Translation is done on a launchpad site:


Keep right has rules to automatically detect the following error types:


Keep right has rules to automatically detect the following warning types:

Map Updates and modifications

Map is updated automatically weekly, and it includes a real-time system for reporting false positives (permanently remove the bug) or for labelling a bug as fixed (temporarily remove it, until the next weekly run when it will hopefully not re-appear)


Current keepright Github Repository and issue tracker.

Sourceforge project with subversion repo no longer updated!

The README gives lots more details about installing and running Keep Right and writing your own checks.

Keep Right is developed by Harald Kleiner. He gave a talk about Keep Right internals at SOTM-EU 2011. Sources are licensed under GPLv2

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