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+/- building:material

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Outer material for the building façade.



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This page describes tags for the facade of 3D buildings.


Key Value Short description Example image
building:material plaster Building plastered Plaster
building:material brick Facade made of bricks Wall of bricks
building:material wood facade made out of wood Wood
building:material concrete facade of concrete concrete
building:material glass front covered in glass Glassfront
building:material stone stone on stone, mostly castles etc. Stonefront
building:material sandstone stone made of sand Sandstone
building:material metal metal front, flat or in waves Metalfront
building:material mdf front with hard plates, not metal, mdf Mftfront
building:material timber_framing Timber framing Timber framing
building:material  ??? front with other, metal plates Platefront
building:material  ??? front with plastic or stone plates Stone/plasticplatefront
building:material  ???

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