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Outer material for the building roof.
Group: Properties
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This page describes tags for the roof material of 3D buildings.


Value Short description Example image
concrete concrete roof Roof made of concrete
copper copper plated roof Roof made of copper
eternit Roof covered with eternit, mostly waved (corrugated) Roof with eternit
glass roof made of glass Glassroof
grass Roof covered with grass (or other plants), sealed below Roof with grass
gravel Roof covered with gravel Roof with gravel
metal Roof covered with metal, flat or waved (corrugated) Roof with metal
plants pergolas, arbours etc. that are grown over by ivies, roses, vines - leaky Villa la pietra, giardino est, pergolato.JPG
roof_tiles some tiles together Rooftiles
shadecloth roof covered with shadecloth, used to reduce sunlight, temperature Roof covered with shade cloth
slate roof covered with slates, kind of thin stone plates Roof covered with slates
stone roof covered with stones Roof covered with stones
tar_paper roof covered with tar paper Roof with tar foil
thatch thatched roof Pub.williams.arp.750pix.jpg
wood Roof covered with wood, mostly terrace Roof covered with wood
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