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To define the location of a feature which may be above or under ground or in relation to objects such as roofs, bridges or buildings
Group: Properties
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The generic key location=* is used in different contexts to define the location of a feature which may be above or under ground or to define location in relation to objects such as roofs, bridges or buildings. Used with features such as man_made=pipeline and power=cable which may be buried in the soil.

For features which are contained within a self-supporting tunnel, which may also be used for other purposes or provided for maintenance purposes, use tunnel=* instead. A buried cable is usually surrounded by earth. A cable in a tunnel is usually surrounded by air within a larger self-supporting structure.

Use of the layer=* tag is optional and only useful where there is a benefit to describing the relative vertical arrangement of a number of underground (or overgound) features. It is assumed that features that cross which are tagged with 'location' which do not share nodes will not actually interact with other features which also use 'location' (unlike roads/ railways and rivers etc where they need to be on different layers if they do not intersect).


  • location=underground Used where a feature is under ground, not visible on the surface.
  • location=underwater Used for features below the surface of water. For underwater features at sea, you may additionally want to add tags according to the Seamark tagging scheme.
  • location=overground Used where a feature such as a pipeline or cable is over ground, located close to the surface, not allowing a person or vehicle to pass underneath.
  • location=overhead Used for features over ground, located at a height allowing persons or vehicles to pass underneath.
  • location=roof Used where a feature is mounted on the roof of a building.
  • location=rooftop

The power=substation tagging scheme introduces a number of further values for location=*, see Substation#Location. Some of these values may also be useful for other features.

  • location=rooftop Located on top of a building that is used for something else.
  • location=outdoor A substation substantially located outside in open air although some parts, such as lower voltage switchgear, may be indoor. This is the default value.
  • location=indoor A substation substantially located inside a building. Certain components, especially transformers, may be located outside the building.
  • location=platform A substation located on an offshore platform, for example associated with an offshore wind farm.
  • location=kiosk A compact distribution substation located in a small, often prefabricated enclosure.

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