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Public-images-osm logo.svg height
Physical attribute of other keys. Height is the measurement of vertical distance. It indicates how "tall" something is.
Group: Properties
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasuse on relations unspecified
Useful combination

min_height=*, building:levels=*, building:min_level=*

Status: In use


The key height describes the actual height of a feature. By default, values will be interpreted as metres. If the height should be specified in a different unit, the unit can be added to the end of the value, separated by a space (see Examples). The value should always use the dot as decimal separator, if needed.

For ways or areas in which height varies, a average height can be specified.

The source of the height information can be specified by source:height=*.


Height Tagging Remark
Four metres height=4 Alternatively height=4 m can be used.
1.35 metres height=1.35 Please note the dot as decimal separator!
7 feet and 4 inches height=7'4" Use a typewriter apostrophe character after the feet value and a typewriter double-quote character after the inches value. Spaces are not permitted.

Height of buildings

For buildings not the average height, but the maximum height will be specified, i.e. the height of the top edge of the building (including the roof, but excluding antennas, spires and other equipment mounted on the roof) from the lowest terrain point at the building.

The height of individual parts of buildings can be specified using building:part=*. For further details see there.

Common mistakes

Elevation above mean sea level

The Wikipedia-16px.png elevation above mean sea level (e.g. for a mountain peak using natural=peak) is not specified by height but by the key ele=*.

Legally restricted height

Do not confuse the specification of the actual height with the specification (of a legal restriction) of a maximum permissible height of vehicles via maxheight=*.

Incorrect values

Often the values themselves are not specified correct. The following table contains examples of incorrect tags and their correct notation.

Incorrect Explanation Correct
height=4m The space between value and unit is missing. height=4 m
height=0,8 The comma is used as wrong decimal separator. height=0.8
height=11' 4" There should not be a space between feet and inches. height=11'4"

See also

  • Overview of possible units
  • Specification of the elevation above mean sea level via ele=*
  • Specification of the width via width=*
  • Specification of the length via length=*
  • Specification of distance via distance=*
  • Specification of the maximum permissible height of vehicles via maxheight=*