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Reference code for a Mapillary image
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysuse on areas unspecifieduse on relations unspecified
Status: Draft

This key describes a reference code to a mapillary image. This image should be representative of the object, and could be used in a map popup or similar. If there are multiple images, the "best" image should be prioritized.

If the mapper can see the image in Mapillary's site, he just needs to get the code after from the URL. For example, the tag mapillary=US-sClDbAWhtGYc-d3L4nw references the image in

If the intention is simply to point to Mapillary as the source of data for the OSM object, it's enough to add source=mapillary in the object or changeset.


Origin of this tag: [1]


OpenLevelUp displays Mapillary pictures associated to indoor objects, and supports mapillary=* and mapillary:*=* tags.

See also

  • image=* - generic key for giving an image link
  • wikimedia_commons=* - key for a wikimedia commons category or image