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Public-images-osm logo.svg produce
La Boqueria.JPG
Describes a feature's agricultural output produced though a natural process of growing or breeding.
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This tag should describe a feature's output produced though a natural process of growing or breeding, possibly with human intervention e.g. provision of water, planting etc. This tag must be associated with a suitable physical feature where it is produced. Typically these features are landuse=* such as landuse=farmland or water.

Produce or Product?

A guide by example. If the whole live animal/fish or plant is sold off the 'farm' then tag it as produce. If it is killed and then sold with little processing then that is ok for tagging as produce. If the processing is 'extensive' then it is a product=* not produce, so it should use the product=* key. Fuzzy like life. Use your judgement.

If the output of the feature is is man made or manufactured in a factory or part of industrial production the product=* tag should be used.

More references to the difference:


These are non physical characteristics and must be associated with a physical feature - a farm, forest etc.

Multiple values

Where multiple values should be entered use a semicolon as a separator e.g. produce=wheat;barley. This allows for farm rotation practices without burdening OSM or mappers with constant updates.


The use of this tag on some selling points like shop=farm is contested. Strictly a shop does not 'produce', it 'sells', it is the farm that produces.

See also


If there is need to render this tag which seems unlikely it would seem a better idea to render based on the value rather than a general icon based on the key.

Alternative is to render a transparent overlay based on the value of this key over the physical feature rendering, this has been used in some of the tables below in suggested rendering column.

Typical Values

Some of these have been gathered from taginfo use.

Aquaculture Produce

An associated tag for landuse=aquaculture.

Tag Proposed rendering Description Picture
produce=crocodile Crocodile. Can be further detailed using Crocodile=salt_water,fresh_water etc. Crocodylus johnsoni 20070619.jpg
produce=fish Fish. Can be further detailed using fish=trout,whiting etc. Georgia Aquarium - Giant Grouper edit.jpg
produce=mussels Mussels. Can be further detailed using mussels=cornish_mussels,*. CornishMussels.JPG
produce=oysters Oysters Oysters.jpg
produce=prawns Prawns Prawns.jpg
produce=seaweed Seaweed. Can be further detailed using seaweed=*. Seaweed.jpg
produce=shrimp Shrimp Shrimp.jpg

Farm Produce

An associated tag for landuse=farmland.

Tag Proposed rendering Description Picture
produce=berries Berry plants. Can be specified using berries=cherry,blueberry,strawberry,* Berry.jpg
produce=cassava Cassava field Casava.jpg
produce=cereal Barley rendering.svg Cereal produce. Can be specified using cereal=wheat, rye, triticale, oats, barley, spelt, barley, rye,* Barley.jpg
produce=dry_farming Drought tolerant produce. Could be better are a subtag drought_tolerance=yes .. as that can then be applied to ornamental gardens etc (i.e. non produce features).
produce=flowers Flower cultivation field. Can be specified using flowers=* Eastern Market Detroit flower.JPG
produce=forage Cultivation of a forage plant. Can be specified using forage=*
produce=hay Cattle forage plant, usually in form of high grass. Could be better as produce=forage, forage=hay. Roundbale1.jpg
produce=herbs Herbs. Can be specified using herbs=thyme,chives,basil Herbs.jpg
produce=hide Hide or animal skins. If the hide is tanned then it is a product not produce. Can be specified using hide=beef,wool,camel,kangaroo,goat,crocodile,*
produce=hop Hop field Hopfendolde-mit-hopfengarten.jpg
produce=lavender Lavender field
produce=live_animal Where the whole live animal is produced/sold. Can be specified using animal=cattle,chicken,camel,sheep,kangaroo,*
produce=maize Corn rendering.svg Maize or corn field. ZeaMays.jpg
produce=meat Meat produce. Can be specified using meat=chicken,beef,lamb, mutton,camel,kangaroo,emu,goat,crocodile,*
produce=nut Nut-bearing plant. Can be specified using nut=walnut,chestnut,almond,* Châtaignier 120807 1.jpg
produce=olive Olive field.
produce=rape Rapeseed field Champ de colza Côte-d'Or Bourgogne avril 2014.jpg
produce=rice Rice rendering.svg Rice field Rice Field.jpg
produce=sugarcane Sugarcane field, do not tag as sugar which is a product not a produce. Canaviais Sao Paulo 01 2008 06.jpg
produce=sunflower Sunflower rendering.svg Sunflower field Sunflower.JPG
produce=tea Tea rendering.svg Tea plant field Cameron Highland Tea Plantation 2012.JPG
produce=turf Turf field, used to harvest turf (grass, sod) for transplant elsewhere. Harvesting Sod.jpg
produce=vegetable Vegetable field. Can be specified using vegetable=asparagus,beetroot,cabbage,carrot,eggplant,lettuce,peas,potato,radish,sugar_beet,tomato,turnip* Lettuce.JPG

Forestry Produce

An associated tag for landuse=forest. Proposed rendering is a suggestion of a black image transparent over the rendering of landuse=forest.

Tag Proposed rendering Description Picture
produce=cork A wine cork? Cork trees, their harvested bark produces cork. IAPH Saca del corcho.jpg
produce=christmas_trees A Christmas tree outline? Christmas trees are seasonally harvested for Christian festivities, used by many as a celebration. Chrismon tree stalbans oviedo fl.jpg
produce=fire_wood A wood fire? Could be confused with a fire place. Waste produce of logging operations, dead trees or fallen timber used for for burning in a fire. Brennreisig.JPG
produce=latex Rubber trees whose sap, latex, is harvested . Processing can result in the product natural rubber. Rubber.jpg
produce=maple_syrup Pancakes with a dribble of syrup being pored over it? Maple trees whose sap, maple syrup, is harvested. Acer saccharum.jpg
produce=oil A drop of liquid to represent the oil. Various trees that are harvested for processing into the products essential oils. These may be further tagged oil=tea_tree_oil, eucalyptus_oil, sandalwood_oil,* SandalwoodEssOil.png
produce=timber And axe representing the cutting down of trees? Trees harvested for timber, called 'lumber' in north America. Further processing results in sawn wood, wood chips, paper. TJ harvesteri.jpg