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Used to mark streets which are part of a maxspeed zone
Group: Restrictions
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesmay be used on waysshould not be used on areasmay be used on relations
Useful combination
Status: Unspecified

If a speedlimit is bound to a area and not just to a way it should be tagged with maxspeed=* and zone:maxspeed=*.

The form for the values is <country-code>:<limit-name>". While it is similar to zone:traffic=* it should not be confused with it. I.e. a 30-zone can be in a rural or a urban traffic-zone.

Country-codes should be upper-case.


Tag Comment Photo
zone:maxspeed=AT:30 add a description...
zone:maxspeed=FR:30 add a description...
zone:maxspeed=DE:30 Means maxspeed=30; no cycleways; no roads with right of way Zeichen 274.1 - Beginn einer Tempo 30-Zone, StVO 2013.svg
zone:maxspeed=DE:motorway Is used in areas with zone:traffic=DE:motorway + maxspeed=none. No sign-MotorwayStart Duel-502.png
zone:maxspeed=DE:rural Is used in areas with zone:traffic=DE:rural + maxspeed=100. Zeichen 311-50 - Ortstafel einseitig, StVO 1992.svg
zone:maxspeed=DE:urban Is used in areas with zone:traffic=DE:urban + maxspeed=50. Zeichen 310-50 - Ortstafel (Vorderseite) mit Kreis, StVO 1992.svg
zone:maxspeed=PL:30 add a description...