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A southbound MRT Train on its way to the Quezon Avenue station
Metro Manila has at least three railway lines, under the Strong Republic Transit System: the Philippine National Railways (PNR), the Metro Rail Transit System (MRT), and the Line Rail Transit System (LRT). The PNR and LRT operate two lines each (Northrail and Southrail for PNR, Lines 1 and 2 for LRT), while the MRT operates one line (Line 3). As of November 2011, Northrail is under rehabilitation, the southern extension for LRT Line 1 is in the planning stage while the Manila Red Line, also known as MRT Line 8, has been approved and construction will commence soon.

List of railway and light rail lines

Name Color Year operations started
Route Distance Stations
LRT Line 1 (v x p i j h a m r) Yellow 1984 (Baclaran - Central Terminal)
1985 (Central Terminal - Monumento)
March 2010 (Monumento - Balintawak)
October 2010 (Balintawak - Roosevelt)
2011 (Roosevelt - North Avenue)
Baclaran - Central Station - Monumento - Balintawak - Roosevelt - North Avenue 18.56 KM* 20*
LRT Line 2 (v x p i j h a m r) Purple 2003 (Santolan - Araneta Center/Cubao)
2004 (Araneta Center/Cubao - Claro M. Recto)
Claro M. Recto - Araneta Center/Cubao - Santolan 13.48 KM 11
MRT Line 3 (v x p i j h a m r) Blue 1999 (North Avenue - Buendia)
2000 (Buendia - Taft Avenue)
North Avenue - Buendia - Taft Avenue 16.88 KM 13
PNR Commex (v x p i j h a m r) Orange 2009 (Caloocan - Biñan City)
early 2010's (Biñan City - Calamba City)
Caloocan - Biñan City - Calamba City 35.84 KM*** 26****
PNR Northrail** Green 1892*****
Caloocan - Malolos City 6****
* Not including the North Avenue and Baclaran - Niog stations
** This line is not in operation as of the first quarter of 2011
*** From Blumentritt
**** From Caloocan
***** Operation(s) suspended from the late 1980's, resumption of services to be announced
(Note: more information can be found here)

List of railway and light rail stations

LRT Line 1

Name Node Notes Location
North Avenue Proposed northern terminus, under construction Quezon City
Roosevelt 454183199 Current northern terminus Quezon City
Balintawak 361337750 Quezon City
Malvar Planned Caloocan
Monumento 34012457 Former northern terminus (1985-2010) Caloocan
5th Avenue 34012453 Caloocan
R. Papa 34012444 Manila
Abad Santos 34012436 Manila
Blumentritt 34012428 Manila
Tayuman 34012425 Manila
Bambang 34012422 Manila
Doroteo Jose 34012419 Manila
Carriedo 34012414 Manila
Central Terminal 34012404 Manila
U. N. Avenue 34012392 Manila
Pedro Gil 254527375 Manila
Quirino Avenue 34012389 Manila
Vito Cruz 34012386 Manila
Gil Puyat 34012380 Pasay
Libertad 34012377 Pasay
EDSA 261027793 Pasay
Baclaran 25388541 Current southern terminus Pasay

LRT Line 2

Name Area Wikipedia link Location Notes
node 32093095 Recto area 179240108 179240108 Yes Wikipedia  Manila Current western terminus
node 32093087 Legarda area 28788659 28788659 Yes Wikipedia  Manila
node 32093072 Pureza area 188168854 188168854 Yes Wikipedia  Manila
node 61091119 V. Mapa area 188168855 188168855 Yes Wikipedia  Manila
node 255212665 J. Ruiz area 188168853 188168853 Yes Wikipedia  San Juan
node 32093060 Gilmore area 188169761 188169761 Yes Wikipedia  Quezon City
node 32093059 Betty Go-Belmonte (Boston) area 113358959 113358959 Yes Wikipedia  Quezon City
node 32093057 Cubao area 184582280 184582280 Yes Wikipedia  Quezon City
node 32093053 Anonas area 188169786 188169786 Yes Wikipedia  Quezon City
node 32093048 Katipunan area 184582282 184582282 Yes Wikipedia  Quezon City
node 32093041 Santolan area 30411347 30411347 Yes Wikipedia  Marikina Current eastern terminus