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OSM tile downloader is a Windows application for downloading OSM tiles from an area defined by a GPX track. Also tile stitching to make a large map for Ozi Explorer or other programs is possible.


Osm tile downloader.jpg

Osm tile downloader - ozi example.jpg



  • fixed bug : Ozi Explorer calibration map
  • added option : PGW calibration file


  • improved downloading
  • map creator (tile stitching)
  • ozi map file creation (functional, but needs more work, tracks are not shown on the map)
  • Manual tab not yet functional


  • load GPX file and download all tiles in a track, or all tiles in the bounding rectangle of the track
  • choose zoom level and tile server

Busy with


Source code

The vb.net sourcode will be available in this svn repository. (svn can be messy/corrupt because of me using it for the first time, here's a link to the source zip)


v0.3 alpha release, 13 Okt 2007 [Download here] Link not working Currently

v0.2 alpha release, 02 Okt 2007 [Download here] Link not working Currently

v0.1 alpha release, 29 Sep 2007 [Download here] Link not working Currently

Requirements : .NET 2.0 Redistributable

Use the discussion tab for reporting bugs