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Some good TIGER editing progress around Los Angeles, California (here)
ITO world's map showing unedited areas in orange/red

The TIGER Edited Map shows which areas have been edited since the TIGER import (for the United States). This map was last updated in September 2012.

TIGER edited view is now provided by ITOWorld as one of the ITO Map layers, which breaks it down a bit further by minor and major roads, and whether the map has been edited, without the reviewed tag being removed. (blog)

Basic Use

Pan and zoom to the area of interest. Colors will only appear at zoom 8 and above.

  • Red lines are ways which have not been edited since the TIGER import.
  • Green lines are ways which have been edited.

"Edited" means a user has done something to cause the way elements to have a new version number. Either their tags have been changed, or they have been created (or re-created in a split/merge operation) The map does not show nodes, and in fact moving the nodes of a way does not count as editing the way (a technical limitation of this map).

What does it mean?

Obviously the idea is to visualise which areas people have been working on in the United States. Any area which is not showing up green on this map, most likely needs work. Some TIGER data does not require modification, but actually this is relatively rare. The quality of this data is such that it pretty much all needs fixing up, with corrections to the positional accuracy (position roads over aerial imagery) and also topological fixes. For more instructions on this, see the TIGER fixup page.

It's a massive amount of work, but who said creating a free world map was going to be easy? The idea of the OpenStreetMap project is to attract huge numbers of people who come together, each volunteering a little bit of time, because many hands make light work! If you live in a red area, why not spend 10 minutes to turn your neighbourhood green? Maybe you'll fancy spending half an hour on pushing back the green boundary for a few miles radius. It's a matter of pride isn't it?

Bored of that? Well there's other kinds of fixup to do. Try using the Keep Right tool or other Quality Assurance tools to seek out and squash other types of data bugs. Alternatively maybe it's time to get out from behind your computer screen and take a look at the world! OpenStreetMap gathers all kinds of Map Features from supermarkets to post boxes, by going outside and making notes. The mapping techniques page describes some different ways of doing this, but in the U.S. this is very simple. We have great aerial imagery, and the basic road network is in place already, so a simple technique of noting down positions on a piece of paper will work just fine. Get your friends and family to join in. Do a bit of a promotion in your area. Pretty soon the best map in the U.S. will be a free and open map!