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A volcano is an opening exposed on the earth's surface where volcanic material is emitted.
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A volcano is an opening exposed on the earth's surface where volcanic material is emitted. All volcanoes contain a central vent underlying the summit crater of the volcano. Some volcanos may have more than one vent, fissures and fumeroles.

How to Map

Add the natural=volcano as a node Node. Place it as close to the centre of the main crater/caldera/vent as you can.

Name the volcano using name=* on the node.

Optionally you can also add other information:

Classifying a volcano as active, dormant, or extinct is a subjective and inexact exercise. Active resembles currently erupting or exhibiting unrest through earthquakes, uplift, and/or new gas emissions. An inactive volcano is generally considered dormant if it has erupted in historic time. This definition, however, is rather ambiguous and not scientific, because recorded history varies from thousands of years in Europe and the Middle East, to only a few hundred years in other regions of the world, like the Pacific Northwest of the United States.
(Note : the key "status" is a common attribut on many features. It should avoided in general because it's preventing features combinations on a single OSM element. This sub-key could be renamed as volcano:status=*.)
These are the three main types of volcano. More information can be found here: http://www.geology.sdsu.edu/how_volcanoes_work/Volcano_types.html
(Note : the key "type" is a common attribut reserved for relations by tradition and should be avoided in other cases. This sub-key could be renamed as volcano:type=*.)
Tag the highest point of the volcano as a number in metres.

Crater rim

The crater rim can be tagged using natural=cliff or natural=ridge depending on the shape of the crater.

natural=crater has been used to map crater and bomb crater areas but has never been defined, use is discouraged until there is some definition.


  • Volcano Volcano 10.png
  • Peak OSB Peak.png


name=Anak Krakatau
is_in:ocean=Pacific Ocean
is_in:state=Bandar Lampung

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