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surveillance=indoor, outdoor vs. public (previously: Indoor/Outdoor)

What is the purpose of surveillance=public? Is this a camera that is neither indoors nor outdoors? Please clarify. Fbax (talk) 15:07, 1 January 2017 (UTC)

@Fbax: I would be interested in how others interpret this as well. According to my interpretation, this relates to the zone of surveillance.
* The indoors case is simple: when the area under surveillance is the inside of the building (note that cameras planted inside could very well record outdoors activities as well).
* I consider a camera to be public if public domain property gets recorded on the footage where the activities of pedestrians incidentally passing by on the street can be monitored. It is imperative that this monitoring is very difficult to avoid, i.e., if somebody is on her way from point A to point B, they could get recorded at any number of intermediate points X, Y that they did not intend to visit.
* A camera is outdoors in other cases, when it monitors private property not considered indoors, for example inside a parking lot of the supermarket where I wish to shop at or at the entrance, exclusively monitoring those who enter the door. This kind of monitoring is avoidable because if you do not wish to be monitored, you simply don't use the parking lot or you don't go to the given supermarket.
Bkil (talk) 15:38, 1 January 2017 (UTC)

Another value

I propose to use surveillance=traffic_monitoring for cameras that monitor street jams and surveillance=traffic_control for cameras at traffic signals that switch the green light. --Lulu-Ann 13:36, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Drive-through surveillance

For way 79211326, there is a sign affixed to the wall of the building for which this is a drive-through=* lane which indicates "video surveillance in progress". My thinking is that surveillance=yes or surveillance=video would be an appropriate tag to add to the way which traces the drive-through lane. At this point, I am going to go with the "yes" value and provide source:surveillance=survey and note=sign affixed to building wall states "video surveillance in progress" in support of the tag. --Ceyockey 04:03, 8 July 2011 (BST)

Two proposals

There are two proposals:

I suggest to let them in see also's chapter and let the advertissement in the begining since no vote have be done --Agaric (talk) 08:36, 20 September 2013 (UTC)