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This page list the top tasks on which the Engineering Working Group, with the help of many OpenStreetMap members, would really like your development help. Please contact the group if you want to join the development, and you are not sure where to start. Otherwise do proceed straight to programming and making pull requests.

Old page: Top Ten Tasks.

The Tasks

Moderation Queue

Localized map rendering

OAuth Login To Wiki

Also "OAuth login to the OSM forum"

OSM API deleted items call

Improve the way to retrieve deleted item (and restore it)

List of changeset discussions for a user

Currently it requires third party websites to find changeset discussions one participated in. Github has a ticket and patch. Might need some polishing before merge.

Automatic Welcome Messages

Automatic welcome messages by region for first time editors

make it more manual: make it easier for people to welcome mappers, but not send automatic messages based on region or language; worry is that people would get spam instead of personal connection (reduce area?); mention that it is hard and need to consult

Area datatype

Improved activity/history tab

(from the old page)

Clickable POIs on the frontpage

(from the old page)

Pedestrian and bike routing on areas

controversial: some consider it important, because routing on areas is useful, some think that it would encourage mapping routable squares and disadvantage many routers

refers to correct interpretation of higway=pedestrian/footway/... + area=yes, i.e. distance calculation for routes across plazas and visual display of the route

can be implemented using any pedestrian router that fulfils the inclusion criteria for We don't need to specify the technology at this point – this has precedent in past open-ended tasks such as "POI inspection tool on the frontpage"

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