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Available languages — Map internationalization
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View the map in Irish (parks in Baile Átha Cliath being shown on OpenIrishMap

Map internationalization is all about showing maps with place names written in a particular language.

We have translated name tags in the database to support this kind of rendering. See Translation#OpenStreetMap map data and Multilingual names.

Existing maps and current work

Early work

The Frisian language map was probably the first example of OpenStreetMap Map Internationalization (2008) but seems to be broken now. See User:Lambertus#Frisian language map (Fryske kaart)

For his GSoC project Arindam Ghosh mainly worked on Website Internationalization Ideas 2008, but had some other thoughts on map Internationalization. See Talk:GSoC Applications 2008#I18n of OSM pages and map tiles

User:Mikel experimented with rendering place names in arabic

Before it shut down, WMF-DE's used to have a tile server with a separate layer for each Wikipedia language edition. The replacement tileserver on the WMF Tools Labs only supports English and German.

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