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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
latitude: 49.24, longitude: -123.05
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Vancouver is a city in British Columbia, Canada at latitude 49°14′24″ North, longitude 123°03′00″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under the OpenStreetMap License.

Mapping in Vancouver

Due to the release of mapping data by the government of Canada, the GeoBase_Import was completed on 2010-02-12. This import was a non-destructive merge import, where existing OSM data is left alone and only new data is imported in. The import for Vancouver and surrounding areas (including Whistler) was completed on February 12, 2010, and much work has been done since to correct any errors and fill out missing data.

High-quality aerial photography is available for much of the region from pnorman's server. This imagery is available in josm as "British Columbia Mosaic" and is both higher-resolution and more accurate than Bing imagery, and should usually be preferred.

For those interested in mapping the North Shore mountains, see here

Bounding boxes

The following bounding boxes are useful when performing queries with the xapi

  • Vancouver bbox=-123.27,49.195,-123.020,49.315
  • GVRD bbox=-123.45,48.99,-122.45,49.49
  • UBC bbox=-123.27,49.24,-123.225,49.28

Tagging Guidelines

We are following the Canadian tagging guidelines for tagging our streets.




  • As well as the 1 degree x 1 degree OSM tile here for the 1st half and here for the 2nd. From ComputerTeddy's map. It's a zip file, just needs to be unziped. You can use sendmap to get the maps on your garmin device.

GIS sources by city

A number of cities have GIS and orthography available. Just because a city is listed in this table does not mean the data can be used with OSM, this is a listing of cities, not usable sources.

Table fully updated Aug 2016 by alarobric. Several new datasets are now available under OGL-CA type licenses.

City Location License Offerings
Metro Vancouver (GVRD) License unavailable but listed as open. Contacted by alarobric Park trails, land use across region
Burnaby Supposedly coming in 2016 Not available (Contacted by Pnorman)
Coquitlam Nothing found
Delta Nothing found
City of Langley Nothing found One person GIS shop, no manpower (Contacted by Pnorman)
Township of Langley OGL-Canada with names changed to TOL. Orthophotos; Cemetaries, boundaries, land parcels, parks, rail lines, trails
Maple Ridge Nothing found
New Westminster Restrictive (Contacted by Pnorman, not willing to release)

Now OGL-BC with names changed to New Westminster

Addresses, buildings, business licenses, landuse, neighborhoods, parcels, parks, trails
City of North Vancouver Nothing found
District of North Vancouver Restrictive (Previous entry, possibly by Pnorman)

Now is OGL-BC 2.0 with BC changed to DNV. (Worth investigating further)

Orthography; Address, bike routes, buildings, bus routes and stops, churches, creeks, fences, fields, helipads, islands, lakes, landuse, bins, neighborhoods, playgrounds, parks, postal areas, railways, trails
Pitt Meadows Nothing found
Port Coquitlam Nothing found
Port Moody Nothing found Contractors only
Richmond Restrictive


OGL Surrey

Extensive GIS data, 2010 40cm orthography in GeoTiff, late 2010 10cm orthography in a slippy map on cosmos

Lots, parks, addresses, etc.

Tsawwassen First Nation
Vancouver Open Government License (Vancouver) 1.0 - OGL(BC) 2.0-equivalent - requires statement from CoV for use, see pduncan notes: Property Information dataset is cleared for use by CoV GIS data, 2006-2011 orthophotos (10cm), much other misc data
West Vancouver Nothing found
White Rock OGL-BC Parcel, address, building, parks, bike routes, bus route/stops, landuse, sport facilities, traffic lights, playgrounds, etc.

University of British Columbia

There are several mappers at UBC working on adding more detail to the campus (many bike racks and paths).

Yahoo WMS imagery has a significant distortion of up to 50 m in some areas of UBC which has caused problems in the past. The Bing imagery is much better aligned with reality as well as being higher resolution. Most of UBC is accurate on Bing to within 5 m. The "British Columbia Mosaic" imagery is still higher in quality than Bing's in most cases.

A large import form Plant Operations data was made by pnorman in Feb-March 2011.

South campus is currently heavily mapped by cgaspoz (Apr 2011). Use an imagery offset of Easting: -5.286085624756909 / Northing: -0.22160888976934734 for the south campus.


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