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Vancouver's North Shore Mountains have an extensive network of hiking/mountain biking trails which have only been poorly mapped in the past. This page intends to coordinate mapping efforts related to the North Shore mountains (Cypress, Grouse, Seymour areas).

Also someone needs to import the park outlines for Cypress and Seymour Provincial Parks

Hollyburn Ridge (trails east of the Cypress Parkway/Collins Ski Run)

Mapper Wbski is currently working on most of this area.

Trail Description Completion level Notes
Skyline Trail Roughly follows a powerline from Cypress Parkway to Cleveland Dam. It is also part of the Trans Canada Trail 50% Wbski will be finishing this trail soon.
Old Forks Trail Trail from Cypress Lookout Switchback to the Cross Country area. 100%
(Upper/Lower) Brewis Trail Trail from near Lawson Creek upwards towards McDonald Creek. 100% Upper part above Skyline Trail could use a better GPS track.
Brothers Creek Fire Road Logging road which ends on Upper Brother's Creek 90% Short section below Skyline Trail needs to be done.
Ballantree Trail Done 100%
Kildonan Trail Done 100%
Crossover Trail Done 100%
Incline Railway Trail Done 100%
Brothers Creek Trail Goes from Skyline Trail to Blue Gentian Lake 100%
Lawson Creek Trail (Baden Powell) Goes from Skyline Trail to West Lake Hill 50% Wbski will be finishing this trail soon.
Lost Lake Trail Trail between Lost Lake and Blue Gentian Lake 100%
Hollyburn Peak Trail Cross Country Parking Lot to Hollyburn Peak [Separate Winter/Summer routes] 100%
Cypress Cross Country Snowshoe Trails Winter only paid snowshoe trails maintained by Cypress Mountain. 0%
Main/Chink Trail Traverses the ridge from HiView to West Lake Hill 10% Wbski will be finishing this trail soon.
Hollyburn Ridge cabin trails There are a ton of smaller trails on Hollyburn ridge below the cross country area that could be extensively mapped. 5%
Hollyburn Fire Road/Connection to XC Parking Lot 0%
Sinclair Way 0%
West Lake Trail Trail from Blue Gentian Lake to West Lake 50% Still needs a GPS trace.


Black Mountain (trails west of the Cypress Parkway)

Grouse Mountain/Lynn Headwaters

Mount Seymour