Via Mosana

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Part of the Camino de Santiago from Aachen to the Via Lemovicensis via Belgium (Liège, Huy, Namur)

Actually (06 June 2009) 42,02 km mapped

Mappers On The Way

  • braegel 10 Feb 2009. Will go futher from Esneux on estm. 05th of December 2009.
    • --braegel 08:04, 15 December 2009 (UTC) Could only go two days becaus of snowy weather. Will go Further as soon as possible
    • --braegel 22:24, 3 April 2010 (UTC) Proudly reached [Huy], Belgium ... Esneux to Huy took me 3 Days (2 on foot, 1 bike). Very steep incline in Huy! Will go further after Easter 2010, or maybe in June or July 2010.



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Tag Note
ref=Via Mosana
name=Via Mosana
network=Camino de Santiago


Way or Node Role Discussion
Way (blank) the ways making up the route.
Way Node place_of_worship Main churches along the way or at stages where are services for pilgrims.
Way Node information Information resource for pilgrims see information=*


Don't forget mapping the amenities (shelters, fountains, drinking water, bench, toilets, pharmacy... amenity=*), shops (shop=*) and other touristic features (hostel, camp, picnic_site, viewpoint... tourism=*) along the way WITHOUT including them into the relation.