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The route tag is for any kind of non-physical route.
Group: Route
Used on these elements
use on nodes unspecified
may be used on ways
should not be used on areas
may be used on relations
Documented values: 39
Status: Approved


To describe routes. See also relation:route!


See below for common values:

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
route bicycle Way Relation Cycle routes explains how to tag cycle routes
route bus Way Relation The route a public bus service takes. See Buses
route canoe Way Relation Route for canoeing through a waterway.
route detour Way Route for fixed detour routes. Examples are Bedarfsumleitung in Germany and uitwijkroute in the Netherlands
route ferry Way Relation The route a ferry takes from terminal to terminal Please make sure to add at least one node per tile (zoom level 12), better at least one every few km, so offline editors catch it with bbox requests.
Ferry route mapnik.png
route hiking Way Relation Hiking explains how to tag hiking routes
Hærvejen vandretureskilt.jpg
route mtb Way Mountain biking explains how to tag mtb routes
Mountain bikers this way^ - - 744534.jpg
route pipeline Way For pipelines, pipeline markers, and pipeline stations
route piste Relation Route of a piste (e.g., snowshoe or XC-Ski trails) in a winter sport area.
Snowshoe trail.jpg
route power Way where power lines use the same towers (the same way)
route railway Way Relation A sequence of railway ways, often named (e.g., Channel Tunnel). See Railways
route road Way Relation Can be used to map various road routes/long roads
2014-05-16 15 58 16 Sign for Interstate 95 northbound on Interstate 95 in Ewing, New Jersey.JPG
route ski Way For ski tracks (e.g., XC-Ski Trails User:Langläufer/Loipemap)
Langlauf Loipe.jpg
route train Way Relation Train services (e.g., London-Paris Eurostar) See Railways
Transports Publics du Chablais - Zuglaufschild - 01.jpg
route tram Way Relation See Trams for more information on tagging tram services
Tram route 2.jpg
route user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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