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Istanbul, Turkey

latitude: 41.0098, longitude: 28.9652
Browse map of Istanbul 41°00′35.28″ N, 28°57′54.72″ E
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Istanbul is a city in Turkey at latitude 41°00′35.28″ North, longitude 28°57′54.72″ East.

Istanbul Data Sources

Please list here any available public data that could be used to improve the Istanbul map.

CitySDK Istanbul Endpoint offers a variety of public data.


The section gives an overview of the data coverage of Istanbul. All statistics are based on the Mapzen Istanbul Metro Extract (11/19/14).


Streets digitized

⇒ x% of the streets are digitized

Street names

Total Number of highway segments: 108,413

Total Number of highway segment with a name tag: 9,179

⇒ 8.47% of all streets have a name tag


Total Number of residential buildings: 2,291,228 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped addresses: 483

⇒ <0.02% addresses are mapped


Places of Worship

Total Number of Places of Worship: 3,084 (3,028 Mosques, 40 Churches, 16 Synagogues) [1]

Total Number of currently mapped places of worship: 1,284

⇒ 41.63% places of worship are mapped


Total Number of Primary and High Schools: 2,707 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped school buildings: 619 (Note: One school has usually multiple buildings)

⇒ 22.86% schools are mapped.

Total Number of Universities: 29 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped university buildings: 168

⇒ 579.31% Universities are mapped (Note: one university has usually multiple buildings)


Total Number of Hospitals: 200 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped Hospitals: 181

⇒ 90.5% Hospitals are mapped

Total Number of Pharmacies: 3,852 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped Pharmacies: 98

⇒ 2.54% Pharmacies are mapped

Tourism and Entertainment

Total Number of Tourist Accommodation Establishments: 341 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped Tourist Accommodation Establishments: 270

⇒ 79.18% Pharmacies are mapped

Public Transport

Transit Routes

⇒ x% transit routes are mapped


A map showing all currently mapped public transport stations can be found here.

tag count
amenity:bus_station 37
highway:bus_stop 447
railway:station 112
railway:subway_entrance 60
railway:tram_stop 46
railway:halt 1
public_transport:platform 6
public_transport:stop_position 60
public_transport:entrance 3


Based on the Status section the following things need to be done:

Determine coverage status for the following projects

  • Digitized Streets
  • Transit Routes
  • Transit Stations

Transit station tags should be updated to match the standard tagging for Public Transport


Fancy organising a Istanbul mapping party? Just do it! Link the details here: