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Istanbul, Turkey

latitude: 41.0098, longitude: 28.9652
Browse map of Istanbul 41°00′35.28″ N, 28°57′54.72″ E
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Istanbul is a city in Turkey at latitude 41°00′35.28″ North, longitude 28°57′54.72″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Istanbul Data Sources

Please list here any available public data that could be used to improve the Istanbul map.

CitySDK Istanbul Endpoint offers a variety of public data.


The section gives an overview of the data coverage of Istanbul. All statistics are based on the Mapzen Istanbul Metro Extract (11/19/14).


Streets digitized

⇒ x% of the streets are digitized

Street names

Total Number of highway segments: 108,413

Total Number of highway segment with a name tag: 9,179

⇒ 8.47% of all streets have a name tag


Total Number of residential buildings: 2,291,228 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped addresses: 483

⇒ <0.02% addresses are mapped


Places of Worship

Total Number of Places of Worship: 3,084 (3,028 Mosques, 40 Churches, 16 Synagogues) [1]

Total Number of currently mapped places of worship: 1,284

⇒ 41.63% places of worship are mapped


Total Number of Primary and High Schools: 2,707 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped school buildings: 619 (Note: One school has usually multiple buildings)

⇒ 22.86% schools are mapped.

Total Number of Universities: 29 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped university buildings: 168

⇒ 579.31% Universities are mapped (Note: one university has usually multiple buildings)


Total Number of Hospitals: 200 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped Hospitals: 181

⇒ 90.5% Hospitals are mapped

Total Number of Pharmacies: 3,852 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped Pharmacies: 98

⇒ 2.54% Pharmacies are mapped

Tourism and Entertainment

Total Number of Tourist Accommodation Establishments: 341 [1]

Total Number of currently mapped Tourist Accommodation Establishments: 270

⇒ 79.18% Pharmacies are mapped

Public Transport

Transit Routes

⇒ x% transit routes are mapped


A map showing all currently mapped public transport stations can be found here.

tag count
amenity:bus_station 37
highway:bus_stop 447
railway:station 112
railway:subway_entrance 60
railway:tram_stop 46
railway:halt 1
public_transport:platform 6
public_transport:stop_position 60
public_transport:entrance 3


Based on the Status section the following things need to be done:

Determine coverage status for the following projects

  • Digitized Streets
  • Transit Routes
  • Transit Stations

Transit station tags should be updated to match the standard tagging for Public Transport


Fancy organising a Istanbul mapping party? Just do it! Link the details here: