2013 Nepal floods

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Information about this intervention
2013 Nepal floods are occurring June 2013 in the Himalayan mountains around Pokhara.

View the map on OpenStreetMap - Approximate region affected. This wiki page is to coordinate remote mapping for HOT contributors around the world. Collaboration of people with contacts in the region would greatly help to adjust to the priorities of the humanitarians on the field.

Identification of priorities and local facilities to support displaced people

If you are in contact with local NGO or you have knowledge of the area, you can contribute to geolocate and describe various public facilities an shelters. Please report any established priorities expressed by the local NGO's to the HOT Discussion list. This will facilitate the coordination with the HOT contributors.

Local mapping information

West of Nepal at the border of India has been affected by heavy rains. There were lanslides. Bing High-res imagery is not available for this area. If anyone can report on which bridges are out and other road connections effected, please be in Contact the OSM community or dive in and edit the map!

Remote mapping work to do

Some bing coverage of the area and potential to add and refine mapping of...

  • Town details. See below
  • Connecting roads / tracks / paths. Revise or trace the roads and the paths tha connect to the various villages
  • River details. Revise the Sati river alignment and add the riverbank. It is also important to trace streams coming from the surrounding mountains and to locate the residential areas. See below.

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Town/City mapping

You can contribute to remote mapping : Task Manager Jobs
Area Task Manager job Comments
Kaski District, north of Pokhara Job 268 International news first reported this area has affected. But this is the West of Nepal at the border of India which is affected.

River mapping

You can help river mapping across this large area of mountains. The challenge is to try to focus efforts on larger more significant missing rivers. It is also important to locate the residential areas, to trace a polygon around these areas and to add the tag landuse=residential.

Other information

Relief efforts are on going, but weather conditions are forecast to be worsening soon.