2014 Ludian earthquake

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2014 Ludian earthquake occurred August 3rd 2014 in Ludian County, Yunnan, China. Magnitude 6.1. Deadliest earthquake so far in 2014 killing at least 410 people.

Epicentre location

Map data available

OpenStreetMap offers free open licensed map data in the region, which anyone is welcome to use. Those coordinating disaster response can use our maps to great effect. Browse the map to see what we have.

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Improving the map

HOT have had no specific requests from aid agencies, and typically Chinese authorities will be handling the earthquake response themselves, however we can work on improving our map coverage in the hope that it may be useful.

Bing imagery coverage stops with a stripe to the west of the Epicentre. "Mapbox Satellite" offers to black and white imagery of the epicentre area with plenty of potential data to add. Including missing roads and village/town outlines.

Other sources