2015 Chile Volcano Eruption Calbuco

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2015 Chile Volcano Eruption Calbuco was an eruption (or two eruptions) taking place in Chile in April 2015 from the Calbuco volcano which had been dormant for several decades.

Volcano location on the map

Using the map

OpenStreetMap offers a free map! Use the above link or other resources for downloading data etc. Use them for free with an open license!

Improving the map

OpenStreetMap is a editable map, so we can improve it if there's anything missing/wrong (Beginners' guide). This is particularly useful if you have any local knowledge or you can survey things on-the-ground (names of streets etc)

The nearby town of Esenada here) was evacuated along with other smaller communities. This town is small and pretty much mapped already due to the great work of the active Chile OpenStreetMap community. Minimal threat to life, but there may be some "aid" response needed over a larger the coming days, to help people with problems caused by ash deposits.

No obvious significant patches of missing map data in the area. It seems the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team does not need to mount a significant crisis mapping response, and OSM Tasking Manager grid would probably create more messy data inconsistency rather than improving the map much there.

( Initial assessment by Harry Wood (talk) 16:27, 23 April 2015 (UTC) )