2016 May server maintenance

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The Operations Working Group carried out hardware moves which took place 9th May. This meant a period of read only operation lasting for several hours.

The move was necessitated by maintenance at our primary datacentre, but was also an important step achieve better distribution and and redundancy of our servers.

We also had a shorter period of read-only on Wed 4th, ahead of the main server moves, because OWG were testing database performance differences and seeing how fast we can replicate the database. This was just for 45 mins.

The servers were put into read only mode on Monday 9 May at 08:00 UTC, and things were put back to a writeable state at around 17:00 UTC the same day. ~9 hours of read-only time. Well within the planned 24-hour window.

old information

What is affected?

The API and all DB dependant services.

The API will be read only, meaning you will not be able to use OpenStreetMap editors to make changes to the map data (They use the API). You will be able to download data, but not upload changes. You may be able to use JOSM and download some data to edit offline, however this is for advanced users only, since you will need to take care with conflict resolution when saving your changes after the API comes back online. The chances of this being problematic will depend on where you are editing. In general it is recommended to cease editing until you can upload.

The OpenStreetMap website will be largely unaffected, however you will not be able to login, and no new diary entries or GPX traces can be posted.

Diffs generated during the read-only period will be empty. External services using diffs may be affected by this.


The plan is to keep the website available. You will also be able to view diary entries and GPS traces, but you will not be able to login to edit them. Likewise you can view data on changesets and elements. The Export sidebar will work.

The tile server for the "standard" osm style, will continue to serve tiles to all other applications and websites during the work. No work is planned for the 'standard' OpenStreetMap tile server. Maps will continue to display on other websites (No planned downtime, but note that we do not guarantee availability of the tile server even in normal circumstances. See Tile usage policy) Likewise other 3rd party tile providers will be unaffected.

Also unaffected:

Unforeseen problems

In the event of unforeseen problems in the maintenance work, downtime may extend beyond the expected times. The plan may change. In particular the plan is to keep many services available read-only, but unforeseen problems could cause complete outage (as they may at any time in fact)

Other announcement channels

We'll aim to update this wiki page with further news, but also see...