2nd 3D Workshop Garching/Intro

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This is a short protocol of participants' introductions at the 2nd 3D Workshop Garching.


  • history: 3D Model of Hamburg in CAD with students, later Architect
  • now at Harman Car navigation, had to wait to get in contact with community due to companies strategic

Andreas Hubel

  • 2.5 Indoor modelling esp, for routing on huge central places as Subway stations, airports,....
    • Marekt: license by the owner of the building
  • DXF Files not given
  • OSM2World has simple support
  • Toolchain KothicJS renderer on Client, RoutingJS calls handmade Dijkstra
  • VMWare image, OSMBrowser with some hacks

Matthias Uden

  • did manual roof modelling and geodasy in the past
  • OpenBuildingModels

Tobias Knerr

  • analyse OSM, transform in simple 2D internal representation, internal 3D types as buildings, eigene Objekttypen
  • TODO: ext. 3D Models, Elevation models, more Output format


  • plans for a 3D slippy map
  • often updated, OverPass API+dumps+mapsplit->small vector tiles for osm2world
  • osm2pov python port
  • png_tilegen splits high res renderings to raster tiles

-> http://maps.osm2world.org



  • OSM-3D global webviewer
  • External Authoring Interface (customizing view, Layers,...) see [docs]
  • as service in GeoHack(Wikiepdia Geolocation)
  • ~500GB 3D DB (80GB Buildings, 400GB multi level DEM) -> nevertheless computation on demand
  • rerendering buildings takes 3-4 days
  • open Server interface [1] for different 3D formats
  • SRTM DEM is bad
  • now: as Google Earth layer


  • osm2pov
  • perspective is different (y/2)
  • problems: oceans, roofs, ext. 3D models, ...
  • slippy map is automatic process (OSM extracts, osm2pov,povray,PIL(tiles+zoom))
  • users want to see their citys after mapping
  • Czech republic ~10days
  • maybe different camera positions (


  • OSM is about data
  • maybe 3D is not about Streetlevel, but walking in a real virtual world


  • ISReal project, city planning,heritage+vis
  • XML3D in web with Chrome and any WebGL browser
  • own C++ model generator
  • reuse web technology->think of the web dev people! ->DOM, CSS, JS for interactive world
  • soon CityGML, X3D and more building blocks
  • CDN for 3D models